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About APASA:

Asia Pacific Alliance for Schools & Academies of Internet Governance (APASA) is convened to develop a coordinated framework for assessing funding and support requests for the increasing demand of Internet governance (IG) capacity building initiatives in the region.

Internet Governance comprises a broad scope traversing beyond any one organization's remit. APASA began as a collaboration between APNIC, DotAsia Organisation, ISOC AP Regional Bureau and ICANN APAC Hub to leverage existing knowledge, networks and partnerships to support Schools and Academies of Internet Governance in the region, with a mission to discover, nurture and mentor future generations of Internet Governance participants from Asia Pacific and to strengthen the Asia Pacific voice in the global Internet Governance discourse.

In supporting an initiative, each member of the Alliance may provide different types and levels of support, depending on the alignment of the activity's objectives with the strategic needs of the member.

Contact us:

Organizers of IG capacity building initiatives seeking funding and support – instead of contacting the Alliance's members individually, please contact APASA at sec@apasa.asia.

The APASA members will jointly access your request, determine the type and level of support they can provide, and work with you accordingly.

For queries, contact the APAC Secretariat at sec@apasa.asia.


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